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Kimberly Ellis for California Democratic Party Chair


As the very first African American Executive Director in Emerge America's national network, Kimberly Ellis has worked tirelessly to support, train, and inspire Democratic women to step in to political power here in California.

Kimberly Ellis is the Democratic Party's right choice for Chair. 

Kimberly has worked in private industry, state government and the non-profit sector, developing leaders and successful organizations. In 2009, she was appointed by the Mayor to serve as a Commissioner for the Community Development Commission in the City of Richmond.

As Recording Secretary, Kimberly has brought expertise and experience to the African American Caucus and Democratic Party as a whole. Our state and nation are at a critical point in history. We have an opportunity to reshape the narrative around important issues facing the Black community. As a woman and a mother of two, Kimberly cares deeply about the future of our party, and she is the right person to help lead it.

At Emerge, the ultimate goal is to increase the number of Democratic women in public office. Kimberly Ellis has decided to lead by example, and we hope you will stand with her and get involved in our campaign.

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AB 14 - SB 651, the new California DISCLOSE Act Introduced by Assemblymembers Jimmy Gomez and Marc Levine!

"It shouldn't be legal to mislead voters — period," said Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez (D-Northeast Los Angeles).  "And as I said in August, I won't rest until it's stopped.  I vowed that the California DISCLOSE Act will be back, because voters deserve transparency in elections.  Now California is going to lead the nation to get it in political ads."



Long Beach School Board 2018

True change can come about when people filled with hope come together.

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Dave Jones has a long public service career which makes him exceptionally qualified to serve as California’s next Attorney General. He represented low-income families and individuals as a legal aid lawyer. He knows what it takes to run the Department of Justice, having served as Special Assistant to former United States Attorney General Janet Reno. As a City Councilmember he put into practice proven anti-crime and law enforcement strategies at the community level. As a state Assemblymember he successfully authored gun control, consumer protection, civil justice, and other legislation.

Jones has opposed President Trump’s Muslim Bans, deportation of immigrants, attacks on civil rights and a woman’s right to choose, dismantling of healthcare reform, undermining of environmental laws, denial of climate change, undermining of public schools and teachers, attacks on unions and working people, and other efforts to undermine what Californians value.

Jones will continue criminal justice reform, with a focus on re-entry and rehabilitation programs for offenders returning to our communities, and work to restore trust between law enforcement and communities while holding accountable those who violate the law.

Jones has long championed single payer healthcare reform. He is the first statewide elected official to publicly endorse Senate Bill 562 while it was still in the California legislature.

He is also the first statewide elected official to publicly sign a pledge stating that he does not, and will not take corporate money from the oil and insurance industries.

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Decades ago, I volunteered to serve my country, the greatest on Earth. Now, we need new, positive leadership committed to integrity, accountability, and transparency in order to create a Congress that will remove from government the influence of big money. I will fight to ensure equal pay for equal work and to return to America jobs that provide living wages. My military background allows me to ask the right questions to strengthen our national defense, to improve the Veterans Administration, and to stop endless wars. I will demand comprehensive immigration reform that makes American employers part of the solution.
Doug Applegate's Core Beliefs
  • We can and must strengthen the economy and save the middle class -- without deficit spending, with fair gender pay, and with access to quality healthcare for all Americans.
  • The health of America's economy depends on wise investments to build the world's best transportation network, an outstanding communications system, and a fully integrated, nationwide, renewable energy program.
  • Wall Street’s bribery of Congress must end so sensible regulations can be passed. Taxpayers should not have to cover the losses of reckless Wall Street bankers.
  • Use of the Hastert Rule (not an actual rule, just an informal policy used by the Republican majority) must end so that 25% of Congress cannot prevent a floor vote on legislation.
  • Americans have the right to know what's in the water and food we consume and to be notified of effects we might experience, especially from GMOs.
  • We need a bipartisan immigration bill that involves employers and provides a path to citizenship, especially for Dreamers -- young people who were brought to the U.S. when they were children and have lived here for almost their entire lives. 
  • The U.S. mandatory sentencing laws and resulting incarceration rates are immoral, racist, and socially destructive.
  • The American government must honor its contracts with working Americans.  They deserve financial security in retirement; affordable, quality healthcare; and a good education for their children.
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Healthy California Act, SB 562

Healthy California is a campaign comprised of organizations representing over 4 million Californians committed to guaranteeing healthcare for the residents of our state. Our goal is to win improved Medicare for All in California.


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