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The YES WE CAN Democratic Club was founded to further the agenda of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Our Mission Statement:  

The mission of the YES WE CAN Democratic Club is to organize and promote actions that support the Democratic values of community, social justice, equality, opportunity and service. Using activism, citizen participation and education as a foundation, we work to further the agenda of the Democratic Party and to elect and maintain a majority of Congressional Democrats who support a progressive agenda.  


     Chris Robson - President     

Chris Robson has been President of the YES WE CAN Democratic Club since its first year of operation, 2009. Ours is an organization that supported President Obama’s election, re-election and continues to work in support of his legislative agenda, when we agree with it, and to influence changes when we do not. He did not run for President in 2015 so he could help reorganize and revitalize the local LGBTQ Democratic Club, Long Beach Lambda, but re-ran and resumed his role as President of YWCDC in January, 2016. He has been a community organizer and campaign activist in Long Beach since he moved here from Ventura County in 2007, where he served three terms as President of the Camarillo Democratic Club and on the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee.

As a result of his work in Garcia for Mayor, he was appointed to the City of Long Beach Board of Health and Human Services, being elected its Vice Chair in the first year of appointment. The position fits with his thirty-year care in health care management and business development. He is employed by the Long Beach firm, Advanced Medical Management, at the Director level. Currently he is also a Co-Leader of Long Beach Area for Bernie, Co-Lead, LGBTQIA Committee, Senior Advisor to the Jeannine Pearce for City Council Campaign, incumbent re-election candidate for AD 70 elected member of the LA County Democratic Party and most recently, elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders from CD 47.

Past activities in Long Beach: Long Beach Lambda EBoard, Garcia for Mayor, Suja Lowenthal for Assembly; Long Beach field organizer for Obama for America, 2008-2015; Occupy Long Beach; Alan Lowenthal for Congress and Janice Hahn for Congress Past activities in Ventura County: Campaign Manager, Jill Martinez for Congress. 2006; SoCal Grassroots for Kerry, Swing State Coordinator - 2005

     Laurel Telfer - Vice-President     

Laurel Telfer’s extensive experience as a teacher, administrator and professional development specialist has reinforced her belief in promoting the democratic values of personal responsibility, community  building, equity of opportunity, transparent communication and fairness.  She joined the YES WE CAN Democratic Club in 2009 to work together with like-minded people to try to make a difference through education, activism and community service.

     Chris Duvali - Vice-President

Chris Duvali

     Evan Marquardt - Secretary

     Mark Cross - Treasurer

Mark Cross started out as Treasurer of Long Beach Equality after Prop 8 passed.  He continued to work for Marriage Equality USA until after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal.  He also worked on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign along with the YES WE CAN Democratic Club.

     Stuart Borden - Digital Communications Guru; Webmaster

Stuart Borden is our digital guy. He has been active in progressive politics for quite a few decades, most recently working for the Robert Garcia, Jeannine Pearce, Bernie and Hillary campaigns. Smile! Stuart might be taking your picture/video at the next YWCDC event. We have exclusive pics of the POTUS from events Stuart attended.  A retired teacher, Stuart now spends a lot of time designing websites, creating videos and advocating new technologies.

     Phil Giesen - Outreach

Phil Giesen


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